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Originally formed in 1999 after being approached by Microsoft for interactive interface design, we accelerate brands into intergalactic overdrive with solutions that fit both the market and the times. We argue that the Medium is not the message™ but a vessel for it’s injection, dissemination, and integration. Rooted in fine art, and transplanted into graphic design we prefer to blur the boundaries between media and let the destination determine the approach.

Clients Include
AIGA, Brooklyn Circus, Coca-Cola, Dolly Parton, Harley Davidson, The KDU, L-R-G, McDonalds, Michael Jackson, Microsoft, Nas, Nike, Obey, The Roots, Standard Byke, URB Magazine, US Department of Defense, and Yosemite National Park.

Typography, illustration, brand development and logo design, fine art, graphic design, apparel design, product design, web design and interactive experience engineering.

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Info [at] Linga Design [.com]

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